Last semester in university we learnt Data Structures, and the obvious next step for the new semester is Algorithms, watch YouTube videos, visit stack overflow read some other forum and it will be pounded into you that Data Structure and Algorithms is the most important topic you will study as CSE student so what did i as a CSE student learn, lest go through perhaps the biggest topics in the first half of this semester “Divide and Conquer” and more importantly “Dynamic programming”

“math isn’t a problem solving technique” it is Despite the popular belief Computer Science Engineers aren’t coders…

Why react native?

Before we get to why I chose this let’s see my other options, while there are dozens of frameworks to choose, from at the time I only heard of three. Android studio (using kotlin), Flutter, and react native. I had a poor experience just installing Flutter in my first semester so that was off the list, and it seemed as though everyone around me was using android studio, so why not try react native? …

Jamie Joseph

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